Every now and again we get the chance to travel.  Can you imagine, getting paid to travel to do something that never feels like work?  It’s fantastic.  A few weeks ago we had the ultimate pleasure of photographing Julia and Bryan at the prestigious Villa Antonia in Austin, TX.  This amazing couple chose one of the most amazing venues.  The views just north of Austin in the Hill Country part of Texas are stunning and although it was a scorcher of a day, the heat was the last thing on our minds.  Looking out over the undulating south Texas landscape from a Spanish Style villa really does take all your worries away, even if just for the day.  Julia has been one of our go-to Hair and Make-Up artists for what seems like forever.  She’s in the same industry as we are and she’s always been such a pleasure to work with.  When she called and told us that she chose us to be her photographers on her big day, we were overwhelmed with excitement.  It was a marvelous day filled with some great memories.  Take a look at some of our favorite photos below and for more information about our Villa Antonia Wedding Photography, please contact us at 972-415-7644 or you can email us at natalie@natalierobersonphotography.com


An incredible day such as this could not go as smoothly without the help of these amazing vendors:



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Is it time to update the decor in your home? If so, a great way to do it is with family photos using photography in McKinney, TX. Family photos make any home brighter, especially when they include your children.

New Frames

When you have a family photo session you should also get new frames for the pictures when they are printed. There’s no point in getting family photos done if you simply add them to the frames already on your walls. These frames are likely faded and worn by now. Put the pictures in new frames, with vibrant colors, so they add a nice touch to your home.

Bright Photos

Make it known to the photographer that you want bright photos. Have the photo shoot on a beach, at a park or anywhere else where the colors in the background will be nice and bright.

Have Fun

An important part of having family photos done to improve the decor of your home is to have fun. When you have fun during the photo shoot the photos will look less staged and more natural. These photos tend to be some of the best, so be sure to think of doing something fun when the photographer is with you.

Individual Shots

Family photos should also include individual photos of each member of your family. Whether they are actual portraits, or candid shots, individual photos add something different to the decor of your home.

Old Stomping Grounds

If you’re looking for a great place to have the family photo shoot, consider your old stomping grounds. This is perfect for young couples without children as they can have photos done at their alma maters.

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Just over a week ago, I had the incredible honor and privilege of photographing Melody and Zach’s Wedding at Prestonwood Baptist Church on a gorgeous summer day! It was incredible to team up with the fine folks at Prestonwood again for this special occasion. If you have been following the blog for a while, you likely remember another gorgeous wedding here a few weeks ago with DaNae and Geoff.  For more information about our Prestonwood Baptist Church Photographer, please email us at natalie@natalierobersonphotography.com or you can call/text us at 972041507644.

Congratulations Melody and Zach! Your wedding was truly extraordinary and it was a day that we will never forget! Sending you both well wishes as you start your married life together!

Prestonwood Baptist Church Photographer

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We had the pleasure of photographing little Estes this past winter.  He came to us when he was just a few days new.  His mom and dad were so happy to welcome him and we were so excited to have him in the studio.  He did such an amazing job during his newborn session.  We were able to capture some of the best images for him.  They brought their little fur baby to the session too and he was so well behaved!  It was such a great session that they signed up for our babies first year plan and we’ll get to see them a few more times over the next year while Estes grows up and we couldn’t be more excited.  For more information about our Southlake Newborn Photographer, Natalie Roberson, please call us at 972-415-7644 or you can email us at natalie@natalierobersonphotography.com

Southlake Newborn PhotographerSouthlake Newborn PhotographerSouthlake Newborn PhotographerSouthlake Newborn PhotographerSouthlake Newborn PhotographerSouthlake Newborn PhotographerSouthlake Newborn PhotographerSouthlake Newborn Photographer

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing this stunning couple on their wedding day.  I cannot say enough good things about Betsy and Jaime.  They are both two of the kindest people and their wedding day was filled with some of the happiest and most memorable moments I can remember to date.  With separate prayers prior to the ceremony and about 600 people on hand to take part, their day was as amazing as it was beautiful.  Their ceremony was held at Christ Fellowship in McKinney, TX.  They had several friends, and members of their church speak on their union, their commitment to God and their love for one another and community.  It was an amazing thing to witness.  Following the ceremony, their reception was held at The Sheraton in McKinney.  This newer hotel in McKinney has a stunning ballroom and modern decor.  It was perfectly accommodating for 600 or more guests and the staff was extremely pleasant.  We wish Jaime and Betsy the very best for their future and can’t wait to see them again during their next chapter!  For more information about our Sheraton McKinney Wedding Photography, email us at natalie@natalierobersonphotography.com or you can call us at 972-415-7644.




A wedding this gorgeous could not go off this well without these amazing vendors:


  • www.cfhome.org
  • www.sheratonmckinney.com
  • Susan George
  • Bebe Demissie – www.bebesdecor.com
  • Bebe Demissie – www.bebesdecor.com
  • Mallory – www.facebook.com/TheChocoLatierCustomcakes/
  • Ashish Mathew – www.motionblurfilms.com
  • Alvin Atcherhof – www.completeweddingdallas.com
  • Blue Diamond Limousine
  • Hina Saleem – https://www.facebook.com/kashishbyhina/
  • Hina Saleem – https://www.facebook.com/kashishbyhina/
  • George Chavanikamannil – Uncle of Bride
  • Nagi Reddy – www.pasandrestaurant.com
  • David’s Bridal
  • Suit Supply



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